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My name is Roland Kriewaldt

I am an author, musician, freelance web and graphic designer, a friend to feral cats and a creator of online enlightenment courses for

This is the "beta" version of my new website, yet it should give you a good idea of its future direction. 

In previous years, I used to share my personal thoughts and ideas at However, now that I have transformed it into a place of learning via my online "enlightenment" courses, I needed a new internet venue to express myself. And so, here it is: — Relentless adventures in self-expression. Those adventures can take many forms, yet their ultimate purpose is to inspire in all of us a more joyful connection between one another and our natural world.

I'm not inclined to post "selfies" on Facebook. Instead, I'd much rather create an online experience that is as much about you as it is about me. I hope to accomplish this goal by offering content to enrich your life rather than having it celebrate me.

I also created this website for course subscribers at who want to learn more about this "self-awareness facilitator" guy who creates courses to accelerate their conscious evolution. Here you can find information about the person I am and what I have done thus far in my lifetime.

Navigation Tips & Info

Finding your way around is easy. At the top right of the page is the primary menu leading to the main sections of this website. Here you will find links to my original articles and insights, as well as an area dedicated to the care of feral cats and wild animals. The sidebar for each section is populated by content from that section, whereas on this homepage, there is a mixed sampling from each one.

I have also included a sampling of content for a "members only" section I intend to create. This is where I will be sharing some "deeper" expositional writing, including excerpts of chapters from my upcoming book(s) — I'm now seeking a literary agent. This will be a "value added" experience for those visitors seeking a more insight than what is already available for free.

I guess that's it for now. There's not much more to say except "have fun" in looking around for something to amuse, inspire or educate yourself. Thank you for visiting and I hope that your life will be enriched for having shared in my adventures.

All the best,

Roland Kriewaldt