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Who am I? I'm the guy most likely to tell you what you may not want to hear. And while this may limit my prospects for becoming a politician, at least you stand a better chance of hearing my honest opinion than if I were someone chasing your vote with empty promises. Understandably, this truth-seeking aspect of my character has not made me popular with everyone, especially those who want to escape reality for a self-serving fantasy life inside their heads. But it has kept my mind relatively safe and sane in a world that relies almost entirely on myths, fantasies and outright lies for its daily functioning.

I already knew I was different from the start. My first indicator was when I stood up before my entire kindergarten class in Germany to declare to the visiting Catholic nuns that "Some people claim that God doesn't exist." And naturally, it's been downhill ever since in terms of getting me to sit down, shut up and conform to the norms of my society.

I may not have been able to articulate it at the time, but I could feel how the school system was trying to indocrinate me into becoming an obedient servant to the automated economic machinery of our culture. As part of that social contract, I was supposed to cower before all designated authority figures who, like those Catholic nuns or their Vatican bosses, could dictate to me the limits of what I was allowed to think or believe. In short, I knew I didn't want to be trapped like an animal inside a cage-like system or mental cult.

Beyond that, history proves that our greatest creative minds, from scientist Albert Einstein to musician Eddie Van Halen, did not acquire their unique gifts from these cookie cutter training systems that actually teach us to avoid thinking for ourselves and simply repeat what others have already said or done.

Roland Kriewaldt, at your service...

As expected, I got kicked out of school for my lack of interest in being told who to be or how to think. Instead, I followed my heart, practiced my guitar, and became a full time touring musician.

In that role I have traveled throughout Canada and the United States and performed for countless people. This also gave me the opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life and further my ongoing education about our  world.

My life as a free-thinking individual has always been full of adventure. Yet the greatest adventure of all was one for which I hadn't planned. This involved a life-alterring Kundalini Awakening that I underwent in my early thirties. It caused an immediate and dramatic shift in how I perceived our world and my role within it. As is typical of Kundalini Awakenings, my mind began to fill with spiritual insights that I felt compelled to share with others in the form of a book. Yet despite my eagerness, it would be decades before I was finally ready to publish my work. What I didn't understand at the time, like many impatient young people, is that I needed to gain more life experience before I could fill in all those pages with something more useful to others.

Today, weathered by time and somewhat wiser, I have completed my book, aptly titled: Clearing a Path to Joy — And finding contentment along the way. It offers a detailed inventory of the critical insights I acquired during my spiritual journey inward. Here you'll learn about things you've never heard of before, such as the IPSFA Sequence, the C-Six States of Being and the Joy Coordinates that allow us to plot a purposeful course to a more joyful life. Better yet, given my lifelong quest for truth and honesty, my writing is also fact-based and supported with real world examples. In short, I wanted this to be a spiritual guidebook for critical thinkers like me. As a habitual skeptic, I also took a more scientific approach, using animal behavior and easily provable facts about our biology rather than relying on faith or flattery to sway your opinion.

Since that fateful "K" day, whether I'm working on books, articles, songs or developing the foundation for a genuinely democratic political system, I engage myself in activities that can inspire others to live a more joyfully authentic life. I write mostly about social issues that represent obstacles to our individual and collective pursuits of happiness. In this way, perhaps I can help others to move forward on their own personal path to joy.

Although I'm not famous — and luckily so because I enjoy my privacy — I continue to reach out in an effort to make other people's lives a little better. This website is part of that effort.

What You'll Find Here

Rolandk.ca is my personal website, one that I use to write about the subjects I care about. I dabble in a little bit of everything, and so the content here reflects that, including my interest in UFOs, sociology and human psychology. Like me, this website is a perpetual work in progress, but hopefully you can find something here to make yourself feel a little more complete.

Given my love for animals and nature, Milky's World is where I celebrate that love. I named it in honor of "Milky," a feral cat who came to my rescue as I was grieving the loss of my precious house cat, Lucky. He stayed with me for several years and deserves to be honored. In Milky's World, I offer tips on feeding and sheltering feral cats, as well as insights for healing our dysfunctional human relationship with nature itself. I also intend to create a gallery of animal videos for you to enjoy.

Ranting with Roland is where I rant about the things that trigger my disgust with this world — political con artists, tyrants, pedophiles, dangerous stupid people and slave labor companies selling winter boots that wear out in less than a month. Who doesn't like to complain once in a while? But I do try to also make it entertaining.

I will also be adding my music and music videos soon and have begun a project that I call: Citizen Based Social Planning — The next step in the evolution of democracy.

So look around, see if you find something to read that puts a smile on your face or motivates you to improve your life, or someone else's. The sidebar on the right contains an overview the articles contained in each section as well as a listing of my books, which are available worldwide for online purchase.

And if you're feeling appreciative, then you can donate some money to help me offset my costs, whether its web-hosting, feeding feral cats or paying for graphics software updates. Thank you, if you did toss me a few bucks. Every bit helps and it all adds up. Maybe someday I'll even make a living from this. :)

And now, I'll leave you to explore my website.

All the best,

Roland Kriewaldt